Ancient Rome & The Roman Empire

The personalities, events and conflicts that shaped the greatest empire of the ancient world, the Roman Empire, unfold in this collection.

    • 3 episodes
    • 97%

    This series explores three cities that today are home to the vestiges of the industrious Roman civilization.

  • Original
    • E1
    • 50m
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    Since their earliest existence in ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, stadiums have been regarded as architectural masterpieces and focal points in their surrounding cities, but none more so than the Colosseum in Rome.

    • E4
    • 52m
    • 99%

    Thanks to stunning reconstitutions with computer-generated images, this film takes us on a journey to discover Rome, the greatest and most exceptional city of the ancient world.

    • E11
    • 24m
    • 96%

    The untimely death of the Roman Emperor of the Western Empire and the poor decisions of the Roman Emperor of the Eastern Empire change the fortunes of the Roman Army in their battle with the Goths. And this changes the future of Europe.

    • 46m
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    In 2012 and again in 2015, Crossrail has unearthed human skulls during their engineering works in London. Since the 1800s, hundreds of skulls have been found in the city - it is one of the most intriguing mysteries of archeology in London.

    • E10
    • 26m
    • 97%

    In 814 BC, the exiled Phoenician queen Dido founds the city of Carthage on the African Coast. The city develops and takes the lead of a maritime empire based on trade. Carthage dominates the Western Mediterranean. But in the third century BC, she finds herself opposed to the Roman Republic.

    • 52m
    • 95%

    When Martin Luther nailed his 95 ‘points for discussion’ to Wittenberg’s Castle Church, his quiet life exploded into international confrontation, an argument with the Pope, and ultimately, the Protestant Reformation.

  • Original
    • E3
    • 52m
    • 98%
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    Cleopatra Selene, daughter of Cleopatra the Great and Mark Antony, saw her dynasty collapse amid her parents’ defeat and suicide. Taken to Rome as a prisoner, all looked lost for Selene. But she rose from the embers to marry the African king Juba II and become one of the continent’s greatest queens.

  • Original
    • 15 episodes
    • 95%

    Supported by stunning 3D graphics, Dr. Darius Arya explains the purpose and architectural significance of ancient Roman buildings.