Viruses & Germs

Unseen to the naked eye, their impact on us is more visible now than ever.

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    How can we cope with this tricky virus now rampant worldwide? The key to this battle lies in our immune system. Using high-tech microscopes, we examine how our immune systems fight these pathogens to understand the efficacy of potential treatments.

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    Every person is playing host to at least 40 trillion non-human microorganisms. Collectively, these microbes constitute what's called our microbiome. New science is revealing what these microbes do for us. How can understanding this, help us live healthier lives?

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    Author David Quammen predicted the coronavirus pandemic nearly a decade ago, in his best-selling book "Spillover." Now, he shows us how the same remote Montana lab that spawned his work, is on the front-lines of efforts to combat Covid-19.

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    How safe are we from the next pandemic? Journey to the island of Riems, off the coast of Germany on the Baltic Sea, to the “Alcatraz for viruses,” where a collective of highly specialized experts from around the world work tirelessly to combat the growing virus threat.