Spooky Stuff

From the bizarre to the unexplained, turn off the lights and check out some of history, science, and nature's spookiest events...

  • Original
    • E1
    • 48m
    • 90%
    • 4K

    NASA’s next-generation space telescope TESS (Exoplanet Survey Satellite) has begun its search for Earth-like planets belonging to other star systems. How many of these ‘exoplanets’ can host life, and what kind of lifeforms can evolve in these environments?

    • 2 episodes
    • 83%

    Join Neil Gaiman for a journey into Australia’s deepest caves in this real-world “Charlotte’s Web”.

    • 3 episodes
    • 98%

    The ultimate guide to invertebrates, with key biological themes to show a wide range of species.

  • Original
    • 33m
    • 94%
    • 4K

    We think of fungi as the bottom of the food chain, the recyclers in the circle of life. But fungi are predators. They feed on life. And there are more out there than we ever knew. As we spread into every corner of planet Earth, they are also discovering us – and that we might be the perfect host.

  • Original
    • 6 episodes
    • 92%
    • 4K

    The Naked City’s most notorious crimes of the 20th century, told in the hard-boiled voice of the classic noir stories of the era.