Monkey See, Monkey Do

Stop monkeying around and watch some of the most entertaining shows about our cute and furry friends.

    • 50m
    • 96%

    Monkeys are some of the most evolutionarily successful species on the planet, from Japanese snow monkeys to African baboons. Loveable, aggressive, and full of mischief, our distant cousins have much in common with us. Swinging through our primate family tree quickly reveals the diversity.

    • 30m
    • 98%

    Gorillas live in complex social groups led by a dominant male ‘silverback’. He is intelligent and powerful, fiercely leading his troop through the dangers of the jungle. Gorillas are like us in so many ways, but their existence is under threat.

    • E13
    • 20m
    • 90%

    There are more than 200 different kinds of primates in the world today, but did you know only five are members of the exclusive club of great apes? Come along with Jack as he counts down his greatest great ape encounters!

    • E2
    • 38m
    • 96%

    Following a large family of gorillas over nine years, this film captures many aspects of unique behavior as well as revealing touching stories of compassion among this gorilla family in the tropical rainforests of Gabon.

    • 48m
    • 97%

    Primates are fascinating and often fun to watch, but there is a greater draw for serious scientists. These so-called "wild human cousins" are more diverse and complicated than we previously knew.

    • 38m
    • 99%

    This is the mesmerizing odyssey of Holly Carroll, a passionate zoologist who explores the dense rainforests and remote jungles of Africa and Indonesia to study the lives of these intelligent and curious animals: the great apes.

    • 52m
    • 97%

    In the remote mountains of southwest China lives one of the most remarkable, elusive and endangered primates in the world: the Golden Monkey. Journey to beautiful, untouched mountain regions and enjoy unprecedented access to a troop of these unique, rarely filmed animals.