Food and Homes Around the World

Travel the world from the comfort of your couch, while experiencing the homes and cuisines that define our planet.

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    • 5 episodes
    • 96%
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    Go back in time to our earliest hunter-gatherer beginnings all the way to the future of seed storage and food production.

    • E2
    • 12m
    • 94%

    In which John Green teaches you about the (English) colonies in what is now the United States. He covers the first permanent English colony at Jamestown, Virginia, the various theocracies in Massachusetts, the feudal kingdom in Maryland, and even a bit about the spooky lost colony at Roanoke Island.

  • Original
    • E1
    • 46m
    • 88%

    FOUR TRILLION FRIES - we are what we eat: a drive-thru history of a hundred years of fast food, from the burger's humble beginnings to its conquest of America and the world beyond.

    • 1h 31m
    • 86%

    An entertaining and funny look at well-intentioned environmentalism, and a touching, poignant take on the nature of contemporary marriage and what it means to pursue your dreams, even if means driving those around you a little insane.

    • 10 episodes
    • 98%

    10 markets, 10 complex systems that play a crucial role in their respective cities.

    • 15 episodes
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    Discover the mythical network of trade routes that for centuries linked the Far East to the West with Alfred de Montesquiou.

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    • E31
    • 14m
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    Our earliest ancestors, before developing agriculture as a source of food, formed what is considered hunter-gather societies. The Hadzabe of Tanzania are considered one of the last of these tribes on the planet. How do they pass down the knowledge of this way of life to the next generation?

    • 2 episodes
    • 93%

    Cuba - The largest island in the Caribbean is becoming a tourist attraction with its touching history and vibrant culture.