Women and Girls in Science

Grab your lab coat and dive deep into these exciting science stories. Whether in a lab or out in the field, we've got you covered!

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    Discover the remarkable story of visionary countess, Ada Lovelace, who realized the full potential of Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine—a precursor to the modern computer. A prophet of the digital age, Lovelace published articles about the machine that contained several early “computer programs.”

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    Host Mo Rocca show us: The woman who used her grandmother’s tea to keep food from spoiling. The social worker who invented the phone charging purse. The scientist who took a balloon into the stratosphere. And, the new take on the age old butter churner.

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    When the future seems just around the corner, who can say who is the right person to grab it? Although the history of science and discovery has always favored the male gender, many women have also fearlessly ventured into the exciting unknown.

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    Lift the Ice follows the adventures of six uniquely skilled experts as they investigate the remarkable mysteries emerging from our ice.