Curiosity Scream!

From the bizarre to the unsettling, turn off the lights and dive into some of history, science, and nature's spookiest happenings...

    • 8 episodes
    • 96%

    This documentary series follows female crime investigators as they take on some of Canada's highest-profile cases.

    • E31
    • 11m
    • 96%

    It's time to talk about one of the most awesome scientists that have ever been awesome: Marie Curie. She figured out ways to get an amazing education despite the limitations of her homeland, discovered some really important answers to the question "what is stuff?"

    • 8 episodes
    • 97%

    These engrossing tales of wealth and class, brutality and cruelty, could only happen in mysterious Scotland.

    • 52m
    • 95%

    Monsters have always been part of our nightmares and fairy-tales. But where do they come from? What is true about them and what belongs to the realm of fiction? Together with scientists, the makers of this film explore the myth of dragons hunt in Texas for traces of the "chupacabra."

    • 10 episodes
    • 96%

    New Scotland Yard detectives open their case files to tell the inside story of how they caught some of London's most notorious killers.

    • 2 episodes
    • 82%

    Join Neil Gaiman for a journey into Australia’s deepest caves in this real-world “Charlotte’s Web”.

    • 52m
    • 92%

    Didier Noirot dove with Jacques Cousteau over 5,000 times. Often, they were joined by South African photographer Roger Horrocks–notorious for his daring shark photography. This breakthrough documentary chronicles their dive with the giant Nile crocodile.

  • Original
    • 6 episodes
    • 96%
    • 4K

    Just how much ‘science’ is in ‘forensic science’? It’s time to put crime scene investigation methods on trial.