Criminally Good TV

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    • 96%

    Between 1921 and 1998, 60,000 unwed Irish mothers were forced to give up their children—9,000 of them died without cause.

    • 94%

    A unique and poetic investigation into the unsolved 1996 murder of French film producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier in the Irish countryside.

    • 92%

    A long-forgotten box of evidence sparks an investigation into one of America’s most notorious serial killers.

    • 3 episodes
    • 83%

    Based on the real-life Dyatlov Pass incident in 1959, this mystery investigates the gruesome deaths of nine student hikers in Russia.

    • 3 episodes
    • 88%

    A young detective and federal officer search for a missing woman connected to an unsolved double murder case from 1989.

    • 3 episodes
    • 72%

    To settle a decades-long vendetta, a working-class man holds four journalists hostage in order to expose bank and government corruption.

    • 100%
    • 4K

    In the late 80s, detectives in the Netherlands race to identify and capture the terrorists responsible for a series of IRA attacks.

    • 3 episodes
    • 90%
    • 4K

    When three young girls turn up dead in Croatia, officials worry a serial killer is to blame.

    • 3 episodes
    • 85%
    • 4K

    Based on a true story. In 2002 a bank teller turns herself in to the police, confessing she’s embezzled millions to protect her brother.

    • 2 episodes
    • 97%

    Genre-expanding, raw, and unfiltered true crime as told by the investigators themselves who spare no detail.