Napoleon Bonaparte

These are the real stories of Napoleon, his wife Joséphine, and the French Revolution that propelled him to power.

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    Napoleon Bonaparte met with diplomat Metternich, known as Austria’s “strong man” and the Emperor’s closest confidant. This fateful showdown between two of the most powerful men of this time period marked the beginning of the end for Napoleon.

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    Witness the French Revolution as never before — the fall of the world’s most powerful monarchy and the revolt that tore apart a nation.

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    James connects the dots between Napoleon’s toothpick and the Nielsen TV ratings to see how scientists have built the quantum computer – a data-processing machine so powerful that it can predict the future.

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    Europe was embroiled in near constant conflict for centuries. Violent power struggles between nations and rulers shook the continent. Not until the Enlightenment and the French Revolution of 1789 that a new idea of Europe emerged based on common values: freedom, equality, and fraternalism.

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    In the 17th century, a long period of civil war in France and war across Europe, rebellious members of the French Parliament, dubbed The Fronde, defy the monarchy and this defiance does not end well for them...and changes the history of France.

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    We try not to get into too much great man history here at Crash Course, but we have to admit: Napoleon Bonaparte is a pretty big deal. Join us as we track the rise, further rise, fall, rise, fall, mortal fall, and posthumous rise of Napoleon.

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    In 1789, the French Monarchy's habit of supporting democratic popular revolutions in North America backfired. Today, we're talking about the French Revolution. Across the world, people were rising up to throw off monarchies, and Louis didn't see the writing on the wall until it was too late.