China's history and culture, ancient and modern, is captured in these fascinating and informative documentaries.

  • Original
    • 7 episodes
    • 96%

    China's emergence as an economic power and its communist/capitalist balancing act is part of its complex development as a nation.

    • E5
    • 24m
    • 95%

    The choices that Kong Qui, known in the West as Confucius, made during his career as a civil servant and administrator influenced an entire civilization. What if Kong Qui had been as opportunistic and corrupt as other officials? How might the fate of China and its worldview be changed?

    • 49m
    • 96%

    A king who offended the all-powerful Emperor, and then rebelled against him, but failed. How do these dramatic events in China's history link to the finding of 4000 buried terracotta warriors discovered in Jiangsu Province, China?

  • Original
    • E9
    • 51m
    • 95%

    Sheryl WuDunn, a best-selling author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, illuminates the economic, financial, political and social issues in East Asia and around the world, and the economic and political uncertainties facing China today.

    • 54m
    • 95%

    Centuries ago, from the centre of the greatest empire on earth, the Mongolian war machine was unleashed southward to defeat and conquer what today is China. This is the story of the will of a great Mongol Khan, of two unyielding adversaries and a siege that changed world history.

    • 2 episodes
    • 93%

    Destination China takes you to some of China’s most beautiful landscapes, home to 6,000 species of plant, 200 mammals and 500 birds.

    • 5 episodes
    • 97%
    • 4K

    A unique journey of discovery through China, guided by the millenniums-old mythology of the colors.

    • 4 episodes
    • 93%

    The story of Irish missionaries in China between 1920 and 1954, at times of political chaos, famine, floods and war.

    • 15 episodes
    • 98%

    Discover the mythical network of trade routes that for centuries linked the Far East to the West with Alfred de Montesquiou.