Secrets Of WWI

On April 6, 1917, the U.S. entered World War I. Uncover unknown stories from the "Great War" that shaped the early 20th Century.

    • 5 episodes
    • 98%

    A detailed accounting of the horrors of the Great War using colorized historical footage of World War I.

  • Original
    • 19m
    • 94%

    At war since 1914, a depleted Europe lay in ruins. Only American intervention in 1917 would turn the tide for the Allies against the Central Powers. A century after the US entered the fray, explore the reasons behind the delayed response by the US, and the impact the US Army had on the war.

    • 29m
    • 84%

    Almost five million Americans fought in WWI, and nearly one million were from ethnically diverse backgrounds. Despite their bravery, few were recognized for their valor. Now, a group of veterans is trying to change that. More Than a Medal interweaves their research with untold stories of courage.

    • 52m
    • 98%

    The Kaiser’s Pirates is a remarkable documentary that details an extraordinary, rarely discussed chapter in WWI. In an attempt to cut off supplies to the Allies, the German Navy launches a special battleship: The Wolf. It is disguised as a freighter but equipped with deadly weaponry.

    • 2 episodes
    • 96%

    She was the “empty-headed” mistress of Adolph Hitler. Now, biographer Heike B. Görtemaker seeks to revise Eva Braun’s image.

    • 59m
    • 94%

    The Battle of Jutland was the biggest and bloodiest conflict in the Royal Navy's history. One hundred years later, Dan Snow investigates what went wrong, uncovering brand new evidence about why so many died, and the crucial role Jutland played in the Allies’ eventual victory in World War I.