William E. Kirwan

Chancellor Emeritus, University System of Maryland

Dr. William E. Kirwan, chancellor emeritus and Regents Professor of Mathematics at the University System of Maryland, is a nationally recognized authority on critical issues shaping the higher education landscape. In June 2015, he stepped down as chancellor of the University System of Maryland, a position he held for nearly 13 years. He also served as president of Ohio State University for four years (1998-2002) and president of the University of Maryland, College Park for 10 years (1988-1998). Prior to his presidency, he was a member of the University of Maryland mathematics faculty for 24 years. A respected academic leader, Dr. Kirwan is a sought-after speaker on a wide range of higher education and research topics. Currently, Dr. Kirwan chairs the National Research Council Board of Higher Education and Workforce, chairs the College Board Advocacy & Policy Center Advisory Committee, and co-chairs the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics. He also serves on the Business-Higher Education Forum.