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Buckle up for a riveting thrill-ride through the history of humanity’s innate need for speed. In this action-packed 4-part CuriosityStream original docuseries, join host and engineering expert Sean Riley as he takes us across continents, into the skies, under the ocean and into space to showcase our insatiable desire to move further and faster; for pleasure, for work, to explore, to survive. SPEED transports us to some of history’s greatest transportation breakthroughs, pilots the modern machines of today, and forecasts the mind-blowing game changers that await us in the decades to come. From the first cars to personal velocopters... from Polynesian outrigger canoes to luxury submarines... from the Saturn V rocket to solar sails -- this is the story of how audacious innovators overcame impossible odds to whisk mankind into the future. Available in 4K and HD.

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