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"Our Associates can enjoy CuriosityStream with their families on their own time, plus it’s inspiring to hear hallway conversations shift to science, nature, and technology. People are entertained while learning something new, leading to a more dynamic office. I highly recommend adding this service to your benefits package."

— David Sliney, COO, Stifel Investment Banking

"One Day University is thrilled to partner with CuriosityStream. Our mission is to give lifelong learners all sorts of amazing opportunities to explore new ideas, discover new passions and approach every day as a great day to learn something new. Our partnership with CuriosityStream dramatically expands our ability to deliver on this mission. The unrivaled library of high quality documentaries is a perfect complement to our content and really excites our customers. These are people who absolutely love learning and CuriosityStream allows them to do that even when they are not attending one of our live events.”

— Kevin Brennan, Managing Director, One Day University

"CuriosityStream has been a hit with our team. With our appreciation of automobiles and more, we were thrilled to see the amount of content around Classic Cars and the engineering behind Speed. This is a service we are proud to provide our hardworking staff."

— Brad Surian, General Manager, Royal Toyota

"At Oracle Capital, we’re continually reinforcing our culture of active engagement, lifelong learning, and intellectual development.  CuriosityStream has been an imaginative, cost-effective perk to encourage and nurture those values across all stages of our firm and all the interests of our people.”

— Zach Biddle, Managing Director, Oracle Capital LLC

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Promote positive storytelling within the workplace

Extend the opportunity to support families’ distance learning needs

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